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Yuno’s Amaz-ong Referral Scheme

They say a good joke doesn’t need to be explained but I think I might have to. Our referral scheme is giving away a £25 Amazon Gift Card to each successful referral.

Amazon + Amazing = Amaz-ong!

See, now you’re laughing!

Anyway, let’s explain the referral scheme…

Website Package Referral Scheme

We have these 3 amazing website packages. Our Stratus pack for startups, freelancers and micro-businesses. Cumulus pack for growing small businesses and our bespoke Cirrus package ideal for established SMEs. Every business could benefit from our all-inclusive website packages and we need your help to tell everyone about it. We’d never ask you to do something for free though. Every time you tell someone about our packages and they become another wonderful client of ours, we’ll send you a £25 Amazon Gift Card to spend on whatever you like!

Let’s do some quick maths. If you refer 40,000 people and they all join our family, you’ll have £1,000,000 to spend on Amazon! Phwoooar!

Just a heads up though, the first successful referral after this post goes out will earn £50!!!

Here are some useful links you can send to people:

Download the Yuno Media Brochure –

Website packages page –

Our previous work –

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