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Yuno Media Update – May

Can you believe it’s already the end of May? It’s been an incredible month for us here at Yuno. We’ve worked tirelessly on refining our website packages and were amazed by the feedback they’ve received. We mention a lot of events and businesses in this blog post, you can find links to them at the bottom.

What did we do this month?

It’s been a busy one, filled with meetings, networking and spending time on our marketing. We went to a fantastic course about blogging and vlogging, hosted by NatWest, Chandlers Ford and presented by Lana Suhova. Lana is a lifestyle blogger and also owns a digital media management business. The course was great, we learnt plenty of new tricks to use on our own social media. You’ll find Dan updating our Instagram story regularly from now on!

Incuhive Networking, Winchester

We also went to a networking event hosted at the new Incuhive in Winchester. Incuhive is a business incubator, supplying offices and desk space to businesses in a fun and quirky environment.

They love exciting startup businesses and also offer mentoring services to them. The event itself was great. We had a tour around the building, looking at all the crazy and innovative features the office spaces have to offer. We met some awesome people, including startups who we can’t wait to see again and find out how they’re getting on. Good luck guys!! A bonus to the event was the bottomless beverages! Incuhive have their own brewery, Brewkeepers, and we were lucky enough to try a couple of pints! Oh and there was free Domino’s Pizza, you can’t turn that down! Photo below by Incuhive.

brewkeepers mobile nano brewery

Southampton Networking, Ocean Village

What else did we do? Well, we also went to another amazing networking event down in Ocean Village, Southampton. Southampton Networking runs on the last Tuesday of every month and is hosted by Mag’s Media and The Buzz Bureau. This event is our ideal type of networking. It’s very casual, grab a pint at the bar and mingle with other like-minded business owners.  It’s free and there’s no pitching or talk. The next event is on the 25th June and we’ve linked the Eventbrite page below.

Collaboration with Effici

Earlier this month we announced our new collaboration with Effici. If you haven’t heard, we’re now giving away a free A4 Effici productivity and habit tracker with every website package. Effici is a life-saving product for business owners, especially those who find organising their time difficult. We’ve tried loads of online tools to improve our own organisation but we always, no matter what, end up taking notes down on paper. Effici is essentially an A4 notebook but it’s way more than just that. You can set monthly, weekly and daily goals, write and complete daily to-do lists, visually plan and record your time and also track your good habits. Having all of this in one tidy book is amazing, we have so much more desk space without the countless untidy notes!

Our Marketing

When you run your own small business, managing time between doing work, networking, marketing and personal life is quite a challenge. This month we’ve managed to find a good balance and we’ve spent a lot more time on our marketing, something we’re guilty of not doing often enough. We’ve told you a lot about our website packages but we thought to have the information available only on our website isn’t enough. We’ve created downloadable PDFs for each pack so you can read over the details offline. This will be great for when you go to pitch our website packages to your MD 😉 We’ll also be printing them soon as well as a brochure that covers everything about Yuno Media and our services. Watch out networkers, you’ll have a lot of stuff to take home with you next time we meet! If you go to any of our package pages you’ll be able to download them.

That’s all we’re willing to tell you about this month but next month promises to be another busy one! Thank you for reading this post. If you made it to the end please don’t forget to follow us on social media if you haven’t already. We’ll be back at the end of June with another update, but in the meantime, we’ll have plenty more things to talk about.

Thanks everyone!

Dan & Rob





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