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Yuno Media Update – July

What did we do in July?


First of all we have a few questions for social media managers. We’re currently in a very early stage of market research so if you manage social media for your clients, including creating content for them, we’d be really appreciate you filling out our short survey.


First Friday Networking

We returned to First Friday Networking down in Portsmouth again. It’s always a well attended event with a great variety of businesses. This event takes place at 1pm on the first friday of every month at the Portsmouth Enterprise Centre. It’s a fairly casual event, no pressures, a short presentation and just plain networking.

Incuhive Networking, Winchester

Do you like pizza? Do you like beer? Do you like networking? Well this networking event is definitely for you. This is another casual networking event that takes place at The Incuhive Space, Winchester. It’s also jointly run by Southampton Networking.

Southampton Networking, Ocean Village

We come to this one every month! It’s so casual, a great venue and free. Nothing like sipping a beer whilst talking to other like-minded individuals. We absolutely recommend this one. This month Southampton Networking is hosting a Summer Networking Party at Simons Bar Kitchen, Oxford Street, Southampton. I’ve linked this event below.


Sadly we haven’t made any vlogs this month, but it’s actually a good thing because we’ve been so busy! Hopefully we’ll get back to motivating you soon! In the meantime you can go over to Youtube and subscribe to the Yuno Media channel ! I’ve linked our channel at the bottom.


We continued with our #websitewednesday blogging and here’s a quick summary of each one!

Tip #4 – Monitor and adjust

In this post we discussed what to do after your website is built. A website is a tool that you should be using and not leaving to collect dust. A good tool needs sharpening every once in a while! Monitor your website using tools such as Google Analytics. By tracking the behaviour of your visitors you’ll be able to see how they use your website. For example, if the second page they jump to isn’t where you’d like them to go, then change your call-to-actions.

Tip #5 – Show your face

This post was a simple one but still important. People buy from people so we suggest placing a friendly picture of yourself on your website. That’s just a very brief summary, jump over to the blog post for more details!

Tip #6 – Best tips for website forms

Forms are very important to have on your website and it’s easy to get carried away with them. Too many fields will put visitors off from entering their information. Update your website to use reCaptcha V3. V2 forces visitors to select blocks from a grid depending on the question, ITS A NIGHTMARE!!! Anyway there’s so much to this so take a look at the blog post here.

Tip #7 – Fonts and readability

Last week we gave some useful tips regarding the fonts and readability of your website. When picking your fonts thinking about how easy it is to read but also think about how it represents you and your business. Our heading font is a good example. It represents the creativity of our business. Again, there’s a lot to this so head over to the post to learn more.

Tip #8 – Using videos on your website

This week we talked about the importance of using videos on your website. This subject is a big one and we could go on about it in lots of detail but in this post we told you why and how to use videos.


So that’s July! If you have any questions about anything we’ve cover in our monthly summary just give us a shout! Also don’t forget about our awesome website packages that include everything you need!


First Friday Networking – https://www.firstfriday-network.co.uk/meetings/portsmouth

The Incuhive Space – https://incuhive.co.uk/

Southampton Networking Summer Networking Party – https://bit.ly/2MxAceu

Yuno Media Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjzmV9IfVTSIs2TgqR4RN8g

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