#WebsiteWednesday – Tip #8

Rob here!

It’s time for another useful website tip, on the house! This week we’re going to look at how videos benefit your website.

Using videos on your website

Increase conversions

Your website should be built around a goal. That goal could be to sell more products, to increase sign-ups to your newsletter or increase enquiries. Large paragraphs of text can be daunting to some visitors. Having a video as an option to put the information across will cater for those visitors who don’t like to read. People buy from people, so you may also find your conversions increase when visitors see your friendly face.

Improve session duration

Videos are a great way to increase session duration on your website. I talked about session duration in #websitewednesday tip 4. Improving session duration is great for SEO. The longer visitors stay on your website the happier Google will be. Obviously, this won’t bring you to page 1, position 1 by itself but it certainly helps. The trick is to keep people watching your video, so plan it carefully! Also, place them in your page headers so visitors can find them straight away!

You can monitor the average session duration on your website using Google Analytics.

Multiple, specific videos

Create multiple videos to embed across your website, rather than having one long video about everything you do. Take our website for example. Our homepage has a general video about our amazing all-inclusive website packages but if you head over to our specific package pages, we have short videos about each one. You should be able to replicate this with your business. Make 30-second videos for your most important pages.

Having all those videos isn’t just great for your website, you’ll have plenty to put out onto your social media!

Get to the point quickly

If you’re having a video made think how you’re structuring it. Get to the point immediately, tell your visitors what this video is about, then give the details. You literally have seconds before someone decides whether they want to continue watching. A good videographer will help you plan your videos.

Embed, don’t host

Make sure you use a third-party video platform such as Youtube or Vimeo. Videos are large files so if you put them onto the same server as your website you’ll increase the loading time, this is not good for your visitor’s experience or your SEO. I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again, visitors attention spans are short, so if your website isn’t loading quick enough, they’ll leave. As for SEO, Google really doesn’t like a slow website.

Summary TL;DR

Your website can greatly benefit from having videos. Here are a few reasons why you should make use of videos and how to use them correctly on your website.

  • Increase conversions – By not using videos you’re missing out on visitors who aren’t into reading. Videos are a great way of converting visitors who are more visual. It is also a chance to put your friendly face in front of your business.
  • Improve session duration – Videos keep your visitors on your website for longer. Google will notice your average session duration increasing which will benefit your SEO. Use Google Analytics to monitor your website traffic data. Place your videos in headers so visitors can find them quickly!
  • Multiple, specific videos – Create lots of short videos rather than one big one. Spread these videos across your website and place them on relevant pages.
  • Get to the point quickly – Plan your videos carefully before making them, your videographer can help you with this. You only have a few seconds to attract your visitors so get to the point, you can give the details after.
  • Embed, don’t host – Make sure you embed your videos using platforms such as Youtube and Vimeo. Hosting your videos on your own server can slow your website down. A slow website will increase bounce rate which will also upset Google.

There are loads of benefits to using videos on your website and these are by far not the only ones. For more information about today’s #websitewednesday tip, contact us below!

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