#WebsiteWednesday – Tip #5

Rob here!

One week later and we have another great #websitewednesday tip to make the most out of your website. This one’s short and sweet.

Show your face!

We all know that people buy from people and it’s always nice to know who we’re buying from. I know for sure that I’ve left a website because I don’t know who I’m dealing with.

Here at Yuno Media, we provide a personal and friendly service to our customers so we aren’t afraid to show our faces. In fact, this tip goes beyond your website, you’ll always see our Instagram story being spammed by one of us. You’ll also see me immediately on our homepage within our video thumbnail. That’s because our customers want to buy from people.

Head over to your website right now, is there an image with you? Your team page doesn’t count, a friendly face on a homepage will encourage users to explore your website.

So if you’re about to have your website redesigned or you have the ability to update your website content regularly (a unique feature of our web packages), think about adding a picture like this…


or evening better, this…

That’s really all there is to it but I guarantee, if you haven’t got an image of yourself somewhere on your website, you’re definitely pushing customers away.

For more useful tips read more of our #websitewednesday blog posts.

Of course, if you need help with your website, be it design, development, hosting or management then please get in touch with one of these ugly mugs!


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