#WebsiteWednesday – Tip #2

Rob here!

It’s #WebsiteWednesday again! Now some of you may not like today’s tip. In fact, this goes against a high percentage of requests that most web developers receive from clients. I can assure you though, this tip has been proven! So this weeks website tip is…

Don’t bother with sliders, carousels, tabs and accordions…and gimmicky interactions.


Gimmicky interactions – Definition: those animations that make images flip when you click them!

I’m not saying we’re perfect at Yuno Media because we have used them in the past. In some instances, it’s handy to have the odd carousel, certainly for photographers!

So why are we saying to avoid them? It isn’t necessarily negatively affecting your website, but a study has proven that 90% of visitors interact with the first slide, meaning the others are near enough, irrelevant.

Websites are getting smaller and simpler. Fewer pages, filled with less content. Tabs and accordions may look like a practical way of hiding lots of content in a small space, but realistically your visitors don’t want to be clicking a lot. We have to assume their attention spans are short if you reveal lots of content behind a tab, they’re going to be bouncing right off.

Don’t even get me started on those animations that make images flip!! I’ve seen this example a lot, scary amounts actually. There’s a picture on the page, sometimes with a keyword over it, sometimes just a plain picture. Behind this picture is a paragraph of valuable information about the keyword or service the image represents. When you click on the image, it flips over to reveal the text! But that’s the problem, the image has to be clicked. As a visitor, how do you know to click it? Valuable information is lost and that’s another percentage of visitors bouncing away. This doesn’t just apply to clicking on the image, this includes having to hover your mouse over the image too!

Everyone wants their website to be cool, stylish and modern, but these interactive features require more effort from visitors who’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter with every interaction. So if 90% of visitors click that first slide, make it one nice hero image that drives visitors towards the objective you want them to complete.

You’re probably thinking, so what do I do with all that other information I wanted to display? Well, you have to think about the journey of your users. Lead your visitors to scroll and discover the info. Your homepage should be a good summary of your business with strong call-to-actions leading your users along their journey. Hold their hand, show them the way!

If your website has been affected by this article and you wish to know more, please let us know. We’re happy to help! If your website has any of these features, don’t worry too much about it. Like I said earlier, it’s more like these features don’t add anything extra to your website. However, if used really badly, then they could be sending your visitors away.


Avoid sliders, carousels, tabs, accordions and those animations that flip images to reveal text. A strong hero image and good content should be enough to lead visitors in the direction you want them to go. Visitor’s attention spans reduce with more interactions. Remember they’re on your website looking for help, don’t hide it!


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