Website Wednesday Graphic Tip 1

#WebsiteWednesday – Tip #1

You may have recently noticed we’ve started getting ourselves into a routine of daily posts. We don’t want to bore you with website stuff every day so we’re dedicating one day a week to give you a tip on how to make the most out of your website. Our tip this week for you…

Keep those navbars short!

Website Wednesday Graphic Tip 1

Let’s look at what we mean by this and why it’s so important.

We know this won’t be easy for every business but we recommend having no more than 6 items on your navigation bar. Having too little will confuse your visitors, how will they access your other pages? But equally having so many options to choose from can overwhelm them. How many pages do you really need along the top? When it comes to designing a website, it’s often a case of less is more.

Now, some of you might be thinking “okay I’ll put those web pages in a dropdown instead.” Dropdown menus are fine but it’s very easy to make them look untidy. Don’t forget about your mobile users as well, if you have long dropdowns, they may miss your key services when their screens are filled with options.

Here’s our navbar.

We’ve thought about our visitors and what they might be thinking upon arriving on our website. We also know what we want them to do, which is to look at our packages. For those who are new to us and intrigued by our amazing packages, their first option is to take a look at the packs. After that, they might want to see some examples of our work. Once they’re satisfied their next option is to “Get in touch” and it’s not hard to miss our giant Facebook Messenger button to make the connection even quicker!

What about those who already know about us and have perhaps typed in our web address? Presumably, they want some information, so again the first option is to view our package page. If they’ve been to the website before, then there’s a higher chance they’ve come back to contact us so “Get in touch” is only 3 options along or there’s that big Messenger button again!

We haven’t mentioned the positioning of the blog. We know it isn’t likely to be the most important page our visitors want to see. We also don’t expect it to be involved with the journey they take towards contacting us. In fact, most of our blog views will come directly from social media posts. So it’s the last option should they want to view it.


Have no more than 6 options on your navigation bar. If you have to hide pages in a dropdown menu, then keep them tidy. If your website is just too big, and this might hurt for you to read this, it might be time for you to consider sizing it down. Less is more when it comes to a website. Reducing your information down and having a website designed to convert more visitors to leads, is proven to be more effective than having insane amounts of information about your products and services.

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