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Useful Website and Sales Funnel Tools

Useful Website and Sales Funnel Tools


There are so many tools out there to make your business more efficient. It can be hard to cut through the noise and decide which ones to use.

Through our own experiences with, and with a long process of trial and error, we’ve come up with a list that can help your business thrive.

Not only are there a lot of free ones on the list, but they can also be linked up to work together.

In the interests of transparency, we do have affiliate links with Activecampaign and Elementor. However, we have chosen them because we have spent years working with them daily and they are amazing to use. We do not get any affiliate payments for any of the other tools we recommend.



Our site is built on WordPress, along with 30% of all websites. Some people can be put off as there is a steeper learning curve compared to other types of website platforms. However, in our opinion, in the long run, there is no contest.

There are thousands of plugins which allow you to adapt the functionality of your site to your specific business needs. As you grow these plugins can help you with everything from SEO to taking bookings and a whole lot more.

If you have a company building a website for you it is worth asking if it is on WordPress. Believe us, it will pay off in the long run.


Elementor is a drag and drop website builder designed to work with WordPress. We use it to build all our websites and landing pages.

We love it as it makes it simple to build a website that stands out. You also have complete control over vital parts of the sales funnel, such as call to actions. There is a free version, which most will get by with. The paid pro version is only $49 per year and for the extra functionality is still a bargain.

They have recently raised $15M in venture capital so expect them to cement their place as the market leader.

Get Elementor here.


Email automation is one of the most important stages of any sales funnel. There are several tools out there, such as Drip or Mailchimp.

However, we now solely use ActiveCampaign. The email automation chains are very easy to build and the emails are simple to construct.

One of the main features that sets it apart is its customer support. If you get stuck you can always contact them via email and live chat. We’ve also had phone conversations with their technical department to fine-tune some of our automations.

At $9 per month for the lite package for up to 500 contacts, it is money well spent. Larger companies may want to go for the higher packages as you also get their CRM software making upselling and cross-selling much easier.

Take a look at ActiveCampaign here.


This is an online meeting booking tool. Though there are many out there, it is the best we have come across. Better yet most businesses will have all the functionality they need in the free version.

You can send potential clients your Calendly link, they can then choose a time to suit them. No more annoying back and forth emails to set up a call! You can also block out times you’re not available.

It then sends them an email confirmation and adds the meeting to both yours and their calendars. The upgraded package is worth thinking about as among other things it allows you to customise the emails and send out text reminders.

If you have a business where sales calls or customer support are vital, we highly recommend this product.


We love Canva. You can come up with a professional-looking graphic in minutes. We have been using it for years and have watched it develop. They are continually adding new features.

It’s easy to use and the free templates mean that you don’t have to be a graphics wizard to come up with amazing designs.

The best thing is that the free version will be more than enough for 90% of users. If you post on social media, run a blog or want to add graphics to any part of your business you need to be using Canva.

Google Analytics

Understanding your data is an essential part of any business. Google Analytics is a free tool that allows you to monitor and analyse your online traffic.

We have tried out other analytics platforms, but nothing beats the free offering from Google. You can track goals and conversion rates throughout your funnel, as well as split test different ideas.

It can also integrate with almost any system, so you can track conversions across multiple platforms. It is easy to set up and, though there is a learning curve, can be very user friendly once you have worked out the basic features.


Linking tools

A sales funnel requires you to run ads or create content to generate traffic. This traffic will then be sent into an automated system from a landing page. That automated system will drive users to a goal, either a product sale or a sales call.

Mastering the tools above can revolutionise your business.  Create amazing ads with Canva, then send them to unique landing pages on WordPress built with Elementor, followed by an email automation chain by Activecampaign. Then allow them to easily book a call with Calendly.

All this can be monitored and optimised using Google Analytics.

There are plenty more tools out there but based on our experience these are the ones we recommend.

If you would like any help with your automated sales process, please feel free to book a call with us by clicking here.

Good luck!

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