Sales Funnel

Automate - Optimise - Thrive

At Yuno, we capture ideal demographics for businesses using highly thought out sales funnels. By the end of your experience with us, you’ll have a fully automated sales funnel complete with high performing landing pages and attractive lead magnets that target your campaigns at ideal customer bases.


Passive Income & Data Collection

Every business wants data from their ideal clientele. Having this allows us to advertise more of your exceptional services to the right people. Creating a fully automated data collection, and even passive income stream, is a businesses greatest asset and we know just how to help.

We Handle Everything

Planning, Development, Email Automation and more...

A great sales funnel needs more than just a landing page and some Ads going to it. We help bring your service to life by creating Lead Magnets, developing Landing Pages, Capturing Data, Automating Emails, Analysing and Adjusting. 


Killer Landing Pages

We start with building your landing pages using our base of tried and tested formulas. Each landing page is tailored to the demographic it’s set out to appeal to. 


Enticing Lead Magnets

We lay the bait out with your magnet and pull the prize catch in with your landing pages. We decide on the best lead magnets for your sales funnel by discovering everything we can about you and your business.

Testing &

Analysing Data for Marginal Gains

Sales Funnels need to be monitored regularly. They’re capturing vital data to help improve your funnel. When analysing the data, we focus on how we can tweak each area in small ways to make marginal gains. These small gains in each system add up to big wins – a concept used by the British Olympic Cycling team in 2012 who cleaned up by winning 8 Gold Medals.

Built To

Collect, Measure, Adapt & Scale

Ocassionally we create a sales funnel that is perfect right off the bat but often they take time to build up. Pinning down the jackpot demographic with an advert that appeals to them is no quick or easy feat but once you’ve found it, the rewards are high. We build our sales funnels in a way that makes them easy scale so that once we’ve found that demographic, all you have to do is sit back and answer the enquiries.

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