The Story of a Hampshire Website Designer - Yuno Media

Year 1 - Our First Office

We began our journey in Basepoint in Winchester with a tiny office built for two. (We crammed in three.) Our days consisted of honing our craft - pouring through coding books and learning UI tricks.

However, we soon had nearly the entire top floor on-board as customers. This was an early sign that we were onto something.

Year 2 - The Website Packs

The need for trustworthy and reliable web designers meant that we had a clear gap in the market to fill. Our youth (just 20 years old) also gave us the upper hand in terms of tech-wizardry. We created our web design packs which aimed to simplify the process of having a website built. These packs include everything from hosting to SEO and roll the price into a monthly fee.

We ran our first charity event, Yuno24, where we built the website for Winchester Young Carers in 24 hours straight. We live streamed this online, so the world could get in on our web-building shenanigans. As donations came in we had to complete forfeits such as eating Ghost chillies. It hurt.

We bit the bullet and became a limited company in 2015 and never looked back!

Yuno Today

We now have a larger office in Ocean Village, Southampton and help a range of clients across the UK. We continue to keep ourselves focused on establishing lasting relationships with all of our clients. We also pride ourselves on working with some big names and important businesses in our area. But, although we may be a bigger and better Yuno Media nowadays, we still like to ''get our geek'' on too.