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User Experience In Mind

Websites are all about the user, your target market. Our skilled UX and UI Designers track how users are interacting with your website. Using that information, they cleverly optimise various elements to get the user going to the right places.

When searching for “website design Hampshire”, it can be tricky to know who to trust. We talk you through every step of creating your perfect website. We explain what we plan and why we’ve chosen to do it that way.
First we have an in-depth discussion about what you’re looking for, then we come up with some cool UI/ UX designs. Once you’re 100% happy, we start the developing process.

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Pixel Perfect Design

Eco Car Care was a really fun one for us.

This website really tested our UX and UI designers. One of the major obstacles was to develop an efficient yet simple booking system.
Minimalist design is very much a trend in web design at the moment. By researching booking system user interfaces and dissecting what was wrong with the previous system, we created a sleek and simple way to book.
Eco Car Care were extremely impressed that we had managed to build the website, pixel perfect, to the designs we had mocked up.

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GH Property Management


We first met GH Property Management at our first premises. Their team approached us after seeing out printed material about flexible payments.
We sat down to discuss their current website and marketing strategies.

GH Property Management told us what they wanted to get from their website so we went through and suggested why their current website may not have been performing the way they wanted. Their were some User Experience issues and the overall look was rather dated.

Discussing their current marketing strategies was very interesting and alarming. We were able to tell them they were spending unnecessary amounts of money in places. The company was pouring a large amount of money into Pay per click campaigns being managed by a large and well known company. Little did they know, that some of the campaigns clashed with each other and some weren’t even needed.

We find it upsetting to see large companies taking a lot of money from companies and dishing out poor quality work.


We like to offer advice and opinions where appropriate. We felt that GH needed a rebrand to build an effective and beautiful looking website. Our super creative senior graphics designer created a number of concepts for a new logo.

Everyone at GH Property Management absolutely loved their new branding and were proud to show it off on their printed stationery.


Through the consultation GH Property Management want the completely bespoke website experience.
With knowledge of their brand and work style, we were able to create wireframes and coloured concepts.
It’s safe to say they were impressed.

Why create stunning mockups of the final result isn’t going to look the same?
We created a pixel perfect website from the mock ups.


We built GH Property Management’s website using wordpress. WordPress allows for easy updates and management for both parties. There’s a lot of speculation that your can’t build bespoke websites with WordPress, however this is wrong. The GH Property Management website was built using coded frameworks.


From our marketing consultation with GH Property Management, we found out they were spending too much and in the wrong places.
We managed to save them over a staggering £10,000 a year.
We now provide them with efffective Google Adwords campaigns, that work and save them money. A lot of money.


We pride ourselves with building lasting relationships with our customers and we continue to do so with GH.

We’ve been working with them for 3 years now and gone through the design and development processes a few times now.