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The World of Print Design

There are endless possibilities for your business to take advantage of. The World of Print is one. If you look around your office now you’ll see examples of printed material all around you. Office stationary, letterheads, compliment slips, all that formal stuff. That printed material usually goes to your existing customers. At Yuno Media all our work is on your business goals and for most businesses that’s growth. So here are some ideas that we can help you out with.

Lets think about your company image, have you even got one? Do you think you have a strong presence in the local business community? Take a second to think about the businesses you know of in your local area. Why do you know about them, think about why you aren’t up there with them. So lets talk, we’ll find your current business image and work on presenting it.  We can also arrange the printing for you. Lets get roll up banners to show you off, business cards that are going to stand out and some quality leaflets.

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Logo Design

First we’ll state the obvious…every business needs a logo. The logo is the face of your business and brand. It’s the first thing that anyone will see and it should be the most memorable part.

We offer a personal service at Yuno and our graphic design team will work with you to learn all about your business. Why? Every business is different, some more formal than others, some are more “techie” and…you get the idea. We discuss different options with you and decide if you’d suit a text-based logo or an image based. Take Fedex and Apple for examples.

If you’re in need of a logo, our graphics team will be happy to help. Get in touch with us if you need a brand new logo or a revamp of your old one.

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The Everything Rebrand

Everything ages, not just people, but fashion trends, websites and unfortunately your logo too.

You may not think you need a total rebrand but a new generation of business is coming through. Their modern heads may cause them to think twice before using your services.

Here at Yuno we can do it all, we can take you straight back to the beginning. We’ll revamp your logo, modernise it and provide it to you in various formats so you can use it with anything. It’s not just the logo though, just like your living room, your business may need a new lick of paint. We’ll show you through an almost endless variety of colour palettes and decide what works for you.

When we establish your colours and logo we need to think about where we can show them off. So lets get your website modernised as well. Smart colours, high quality photographs, a video or two. We have all these services at our disposal. Then of course there’s the printing. We’ll provide your office with new letterheads, compliment slips and the business cards.

Yuno Media have everything you need for a total rebrand in one place. We’re always eager to put our creative brains to good use.

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