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Dan here, with a new Motivational Monday blog post!

I mentioned in one of my earlier videos that I use music as a motivator. I listen to the same songs almost every day. You’d think this would be tedious and that I’d hate them all by now, however, I don’t. This is because I know these songs work for me. I know that I can wake up, put on this playlist and my mindset will be switched to work hard mode.

Why is music so good at changing people’s moods and why should you consider building a motivational song playlist for yourself? 

The Science

Has any song made you feel sad before? Is there a song that makes you want to jump up and down or whack out the dad dancing? How about a terrible attempt at the floss?

Music engages with your body’s sympathetic nervous system. It accelerates your heart rate and breathing, readying your muscles for action. Even upping the volume or pace by a little, triggers the bodies alerting responses and increases your levels of physiological arousal. 

In some sports, music is banned to stop athletes from having unfair advantages – music can be that powerful.

Research suggests that repetitive beats synchronise brain waves, which may have something to do with how we move when we hear particular music. This could explain why listening to something with a fast tempo when on a treadmill, makes you run faster. It also helps with using less oxygen because you’re using the rhythm or beat to create a pace.

Music draws our attention away from negative problems during dull tasks. This is due to our attention system. This system boosts neural activity to whatever we are focused on and away from other parts of the brain. Listening to your favourite song blocks out the de-motivating brain signals from boredom, tiredness and stress. Upbeat music has the power to increase positive emotions.

This is why I listen to my motivational playlist. I have a reason for each song being on there, whether its a memory connected to the song or just an uplifting beat. Below is my Top 5 Motivational Alt Rock songs. Some of these songs speak to me more than others and one in particular (#1) helped me through some very difficult and testing times.  You can view my full playlist here.

My TOP 5 Motivational Alt Rock Songs

5. Friends Like These – Deaf Havana. Because friends are so important in your life. I love belting this one out on a friday night surrounded by the best company.

4. LA Devotee – Panic! At the disco.

This song is all about trying to make it big and not letting anything corrupt you or get in the way – pretty motivational I’d say! This song is super catchy and upbeat. 

3. Smooth Seas Don’t Make Good Sailors – Neck Deep. The name of the song speaks for itself. Smooth seas absolutely do not make good sailors. We might like the smooth seas and the comfort they bring, but how can we learn to sail properly if we don’t master how to get out of the rough? You can see why this lyric resonates with me so strongly.

2. Right Back At It Again – A Day To Remember. This song is about their rise to stardom. I may not be a “star” just yet, but I relate to them not giving up and doing what they wanted. It’s a bit of a “middle finger” to those that told them to get “real jobs”, give up and to grow up. 

1. Gold Steps – Neck Deep

This song is one of the main reasons I managed to pull through some of the toughest months of my life and career. It taught me the valuable lesson that life’s not out to get you. 

The Chorus

Cause sometimes things will bend you
But trust me you’ll be fine
‘Cause I’ve been moving mountains that I once had to climb.
And life’s not out to get you
Despite the things you’ve been through
Because what you give is what you get
And it doesn’t make sense to make do.

Things will be bad at times and things have been, but I’m absolutely fine, healthy and have a loving and supportive group of friends and family. Life is happening for you, not against you. Every setback is a lesson.

That concludes today’s Motivational Monday. I hope you found it useful or insightful. As always, if you need any help, advice or a boost of motivation, feel free to contact me on [email protected]

Build your own playlist and listen to it each day for a week.

Until next time! 

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