Misconceptions of WordPress

We’ve been designing and developing websites for around 6 years now. Currently, all of our websites are WordPress. Over the years we’ve looked at older and newer ways of building websites but, as they say, why reinvent the wheel? There are many misconceptions about WordPress, we hear them every day and we want to address some of them to restore faith in the most popular CMS used on the web.

WordPress isn’t safe

This is the most common misconception about WordPress and we really can’t stress enough that this isn’t true. It’s the most popular content management system for a reason! WordPress is an open source CMS, this means it’s source code is available to everyone. This doesn’t make it insecure though, it allows a worldwide community of developers to route out any vulnerabilities. All websites, regardless of how they are built, face security threats every day. With great hosting and brilliant security plugins such as Sucuri, your website will be perfectly fine.

WordPress is outdated

Yes, WordPress has been around for quite some time now, but that doesn’t mean it’s outdated. Coca-Cola was invented in 1886, we’re still drinking it. There are a few new CMS platforms making a name for themselves, but that doesn’t make them better. They each have their own USPs and while they work for some websites, they don’t work for all. With WordPress being open source, anything is possible.

WordPress websites all look identical

Maybe this was the case back in the day but not now! To tell you the truth, it’s website trends that make websites look similar, regardless of CMS. There are so many different ways of making websites using WordPress. You can choose from thousands of pre-made themes a theme. You could also install a page builder, allowing you to create almost anything you want in terms of look. You can also do it the good old fashioned way using custom code and uploading it as your own WordPress theme. It’s up to your designer and the way in which you would like your website to be developed that will depend on how it looks. Remember that UX/UI is really important and in some cases certain pre-made styles work for the purpose of your website.

WordPress is for blogging

Back in the day, this may have been the case, but certainly isn’t now! WordPress has evolved to accommodate websites for businesses and bloggers. WordPress is a flexible platform and you can build any website you want, regardless of what you want it to do.

Summary / TL;DR

  1. Unsafe – WordPress is completely safe. With great hosting and security plugins like Sucuri you’ll be in good hands.
  2. Outdated – WordPress may have been around for a while now but that doesn’t make it outdated. Its open source code means that developers all over the world are continuing to create amazing websites and plugins for everyone to use. It’s only getting better!
  3. They all look the same – Websites can be built in a number of different ways. There are thousands of pre-made templates available, all varying in design. There are page builders so you can build a website exactly how you like. You can even custom code and import your own themes into WordPress.
  4. It’s only for blogging – WordPress was originally made for blogging. Since its creation, however, it has grown into much more than that. WordPress is an incredibly powerful, flexible website CMS that can be used to create any website, for any purpose. Whether that be blogging, e-Commerce, lead generation or providing downloadable information.

Thanks for reading, hopefully, we’ve cleared a few myths for you. If you have any questions about WordPress then send them our way.

P.S WordPress is awesome!



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