Mint Wraps

Winchester, Hampshire

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Mint Wraps

A performing website for a Winchester based Performance Vehicle Wraps business.

What did this project involve?

Website Design

Website Development

Website Management

Hosting & SSL


A Quick Overview

Mint Signs wanted to branch out into vehicle wraps for performance cars. They needed a website that stood apart from their commercial wrapping & signage website. 

To separate the two brands, we made Mint Wraps primarily black in colour, a contrast to the white Mint Signs website. Subtle tyre tracks overlay backgrounds to give a sense of performance and edginess – like something you’d see in the Fast & Furious franchise.

The fonts are modern, legible and we believe if we had chosen a “sharper” looking font, it all would have been a little too much. 

What do we think?

Possibly one of the coolest businesses you could own, right? 
The Mint Wraps website is edgy, dark and just all-out cool!

As we always say, images really make a website stand out and the Mint Wraps website is no exception. The guys at Mint Wraps have done a fantastic job getting some quality images and we’d like to think we’ve done them justice.


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