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A couple of weeks ago we met up with John Stewart of Effici and Vision Productions (all links at the bottom). John has started a new series of videos where he explores the different reasons as to why individuals want to start up their own businesses. Effici is a subscription-based work planner that aims to boost your productivity. We’ve tried plenty of online productivity tools but no matter what, we always go back to pen and paper for notes and planning, so Effici is perfect! We’ll have another blog detailing more about Effici but for now, here’s the first of two interviews. Dan and I talk about how and why we wanted to start our own business, as well as giving a few tips you could use to make your website more effective.

The Interview (for those who can’t watch)

John: Can you explain to me what Yuno Media is?

Dan & Rob: We are a web design company based in Southampton with a vision to make high-quality websites more accessible to everyone.

Tip: When someone first arrives on your website they need to know what it is you do straight away.

John: Why did you choose to set up a company? Why not work in an office or somewhere else?

Dan & Rob: We tried that. Dan could never hold a job for more than a year and felt that something wasn’t right, he had the drive to be his own boss. We also felt pressured by our College to go to University and whilst going through the enrolment process, something just didn’t feel right.

John: So you guys didn’t study or get a degree?

Dan & Rob: You don’t really need it, certainly not to start your own business. It’s quite annoying because people aren’t teaching that. We started as a film production company with a friend. That friend decided he wanted to go to uni so through this friend we also met Joe who had his own web design business up in Scotland. He moved down to merge into Yuno and we slowly slipped away from film and into mostly website development.

John: What made you shift over time?

Dan & Rob: That’s where the business came from. The business came in and it happened to be mostly for websites.

Tip: Make sure your buttons contrast with the rest of the website. If you have two buttons together make sure they also contrast together. We’ve chosen orange because it is opposite to blue on the colour wheel.

John: What’s the biggest step you’ve taken?

Dan & Rob: I guess the biggest step we’ve taken is getting our first office. It was a tiny two-man office, with three guys using it. We had tiny desks, each using laptops. Although we work from home now, it was that first jump that we needed to get going. It was a big decision and it gave us the kick we needed. We were in a business centre so it placed us amongst our ideal customers. At the time we looked a lot younger, Dan couldn’t grow a beard, so having an office helped our image, it made us look more established than we were.

John: You said purpose and personality. Those are the two things you focus on. The purpose being, what is the website for, not just having a website because you’re told you should have one but instead, identifying why you should have a website. I can clearly see yours is to sell your affordable packages.

Dan & Rob: That’s right and personality is about how you come across as a business. The font we’ve chosen is something a little informal,  so our visitors know that we’re easy to get along with and approachable. There are thousands of fonts out there that can help reinforce the personality of your business. Of course, it’s not just the font but also the structure of your content, the way you write, the words you use etc.

John: What advice would you give to someone starting their own business?

Dan & Rob: It’s going to be cheesy but if you know what you want to do and you really want to do it, then do it. It’s a lot of fun and really rewarding.

John: Because it’s your own thing it doesn’t feel like work. Sunday evening, when I worked in an office, I’d feel this sinking feeling. I don’t get that anymore.

Dan & Rob: Exactly, instead we get up in the morning, go to our desks, answer a few emails and then begin our morning routine. If you’re working full time in another job just find some time in the evening to make a start on your business idea and do the smaller things, your concept, plan and your brand. Once you’re able to, you can then move into part-time or take the leap!

Tip: A general rule is to make sure your visitors are no more than three clicks away from completing the action you want them to do. Preferably one step! Consumers are growing more and more impatient. Take Amazon’s One-click Buy button for example. Having more steps increases your drop-off rate significantly.

That’s all for video 1 of 2. We hope you’ve learned something, either about Yuno or a useful web design tip.

Thank for reading if you’ve made it to the end. We’ll be back soon with video 2 of 2 where we’ll talk more about how to make your website more effective.

If you have any questions about Yuno, Effici or our website packages then let us know.


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