How to find your dream job – Motivational Monday

We’ve all been in this boat.
Your alarm goes off on a monday morning, you sigh and switch on snooze several times. You have zero motivation to get to the office, or energy to interact with ‘Lazy-Loud Chewer’ Fred. You just feel deflated, demotivated and ultimately unfulfilled. 

I’ve talked about fulfillment before and we all have different beliefs and values that make up this feeling.  If you had a job that aligned with your beliefs and values, you’d certainly feel happier, more satisfied and on track, but what are beliefs and values and how can we discover our own? I’m going to give you a brief overview on this and how you can start following a path that gives you the feeling of fulfillment, achievement and contentment.

These are generalisations formed from your past experiences that direct your behaviour. These are what you believe and accept to be true. 

NLP for Dummies gives the example of: “So I’m a really good speller” helps you develop the belief that you enjoy words and are articulate.”

Values are the core, fundamental beliefs that guide us, motivate us or demotivate us. For example Love, Family, Happiness etc.

Together beliefs and values are unconscious filters that help you decide on what incoming data from your senses you pay attention to or ignore. They are the “Why force” behind your actions. Honoring your beliefs and values gives you that feeling of purpose, like you’re working towards something that sits comfortably with your subconscious mind. That is fulfillment.

Because these are subconscious it’s hard to pick them out individually on the spot, but with a bit of deep thinking you can bring them into your conscious mind and work out what it is that makes you do what you do and feel the way you feel about different situations. 
When we’ve done this we can look at career paths that would align with your beliefs and values, leading to a career path that fulfills you and makes you happy!


After doing the exercises to find my beliefs and values, I discovered that helping people gives me a lot of satisfaction. This is why I write these posts and record those videos. 
This is why our StartUp Package offers motivational coaching and business advice on top of a website. I want to help others build and grow their business – to me this is far more enriching than working with larger corporate companies. 
Money is a “Mean value”. A value that needs to be fufilled in order to reach your final goals. Freedom and personal development are also Mean values. 
For me, Freedom (why I work for myself) and Personal Development are a lot more important than money. I believe that staying true to my beliefs will naturally make myself successful and bring in the bacon as a result anyway.


If you are finding yourself a bit lost within your current career or unsure on the path you want to take, lets work out what’s important to you in this context. Take the following steps:

  1. Pick the area in your life you’re not happy with (career in this context)
  2. Make a list of what’s important to you in a career.
    The first few might come quickly, more will follow, just keep thinking. 
  3. Put those values in order of importance. For example mine are Fulfillment, Fun, Achievement, Success, Security. (There are a lot more)
  4. Now ask yourself if there’s a value that isn’t in there that would be useful. E.g Freedom – now add this into your order. 
    Your hierarchy may change as your think of new values. Mine is now Fulfillment, Fun, FREEDOM, Achievement, Success, Security. 

Taking my own hierarchy I can apply it to my career choice. I get fulfilment from helping others, I enjoy what I do (fun), I’m free to do what I want and when I want (freedom), I’m the first in my family to start a business (achievement) and it’s been going for 6 years (success) and it gives me financial security.

Congratulations on reading all this. I truly hope this helps and inspires you. This really is just the basics but finding out what your beliefs and values are can be very powerful in finding out what makes you, you. 
If you need any help with this, give me a shout at [email protected].

As always, I’m more than happy to help.

Many thanks, and good luck!

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