Five tips for improving your Facebook Ads 2022

Use Lead Magnets 

A lead magnet is a free giveaway that is usually linked to an AD. These are given away for free in exchange for contact information. Such as, an eBook, a webinar, or something that suits your business best. Usually on Facebook, people aren’t in buying mode, they’re scrolling through to see their newsfeed. The big mistake we see is people try to go for too much too fast. For example, they’ll say “take out my service or buy my product”, but what you really need in there is a lead magnet. The first thing I’d say is if your ADs aren’t working, think about what lead magnets you can put in place.


Try Using Forms 

One great thing Facebook has done is started to implement forms and you may have seen them before. This is when you click on an AD and a form drops down.

The good thing from a business point of view is that these forms are pre-filled so you can pre fill them with information such as; peoples names, email addresses and phone numbers. Facebook uses two factor authentication, so this is usually correct.

The problem when you haven’t got any forms is you have a landing page set up where they go through to a specific page on your website. Sometimes you’ll see the number of clicks doesn’t match up the number of landing page views. The usual reason for this is that sometimes websites or landing pages are a little bit slow. This is why forms are excellent because as soon as you click them, they drop down. Loads of details are auto filled and you can add in pre qualifying questions there as well. The second piece of advice is to use forms or to experiment with using forms.


Use More Than One Image

The other mistake we see people make is they upload one image or one video that they’re going to use. What you should do is try to upload two, three or sometimes even four images. There doesn’t have to be a big difference, for example, you can just simply change the background colour. The reason you should put more up is because Facebook and the algorithm knows a lot of information, even down to what kind of colour people prefer. Another thing is using ‘Dynamic Creative’. If you turn this on, Facebook will be choosing which one’s the best based on the data. Let’s say my second image is working well, so let’s use more of this image. A person might prefer this image so it uses that image.

Never upload just one. Always use two or three different versions of an image.


Experiment with copy 

It’s exactly the same for copy as it was for images. You might think you have the perfect version of copy and the perfect call to actions in there. However, our advice would be (in the same way use dynamic creative for images) put in a number of different texts as well. One thing we usually do is a long, medium and short version of the same text. You can do this with the headline, and the little caption at the bottom. You can experiment with a few of those and give Facebook some options. What Facebook will then do is run a bunch of mini experiments for you to see which one works best. Use different images and use different versions of your copy.


Test and Optimise

The final thing you should definitely be doing is testing and monitoring your Facebook ADs. The reason for this is you can never be too sure exactly what’s going to work.

A really good way of testing is if you’ve got two audiences and you’re not sure which one will work, you can set up something called A/B test where that audience will get the same range of dynamic creative that you’ve just set up. You will then be able to see which one has the greater conversion rate and which one’s the lowest cost per lead.

To summarize, test out your images, test out your copy and test out different audiences.

Use helpful tools like ‘Dynamic Creative’ or if you really want to test your audiences you can set up an A/B test where it could be, two different audiences are getting the same AD, then you can see which one’s got the higher conversion rate.

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