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Recently we published a blog featuring an interview with John from Effici and Vision Productions (all links at the bottom). In the interview, we discussed why we wanted to start our own business and gave some website tips along the way. Anyway, today we want to give you another tip! A tip on how to increase your productivity.

We’ve used loads of tools to try and boost productivity, some worked better than others. Despite the range of tools available online, we always found that we went back to the good old pen and paper to take down notes and write down to-do lists. Then we met John at Effici. Suddenly my stack of random paper notes disappeared and all of my notes and tasks were neatly tucked away in an efficient A4 book.

What is Effici?

Effici is a subscription-based productivity planner and habit tracker for business owners. It’s a smart A4 book that helps you track your habits, visually plan ahead, write down to-do lists and set daily, weekly and monthly goals. It also comes with a helpful Facebook group. There are all kinds of tempting distractions when working from home but thanks to Effici we’re able to track our bad habits and remove them from our routines. Anyone could make great use of Effici, whether a business owner or someone in a busy working environment.

Now included in every package!

We love Effici so much we’ve decided to team up! We’re now giving a free Effici productivity planner with every new package. Many of our clients are small business owners and we think it’s the perfect little gift for them. For your very own Effici planner and website head over to our package page. View packages.

If you want to know more about Effici then head over to their website.




Effici – https://effici.co.uk/

Vision Productions – http://www.vision-productions.co.uk/

Website Packages – https://yunomedia.com/website-packages/

Interview 1 – https://youtu.be/H2eoGsDJTbo

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