Do you have Frogs? Motivational Tip #1

I think we all have “frogs”, not just in business but also in our personal lives. But what is a “Frog” and how do we deal with them?
Well I’m going to tell you, so lets leap right in.

What is a “Frog”?

A frog is a task you’ve been putting off for some reason. Perhaps the reason is to do with how awkward or tough a client is or maybe its such a minimal task that you’ve pushed it’s importance aside. Whatever it is, holding a frog off might actually cause you more “pain” in the long run. Lets explore this idea.

By pain, I don’t mean reactions of nerve endings, I mean the consequences of your delay. By holding off a task, you could be making the consequences worse.

We’ll take the example of needing to email a particularly tough client about your product not being delivered in time.
It might be less painful now to just sit on it. You’ll likely experience the occasional small anxiety when thinking about needing to do it, but the pain on the other end will likely grow the longer you hold it off. Won’t this annoy your client further and thus exacerbate the situation.

If we were to email them today, sure we might experience that pain now, but in the long run it’ll no doubt be better for your well-being and your client’s. That pain later on will be mitigated or non-existent.

So it’s time to take action. Train yourself to realise when a job or task is becoming a frog. Act upon it right away to avoid making things worse and prolonging the inevitable. You’ll thank me later.

Here’s your first quest for Motivational Tip #1:

Clear one frog as soon as you’ve read this.

Reward: A weight off your shoulders and less stress in the long term.

Let me know how you get on at [email protected] or through our social media channels!

Watch the video below where I explain this.
Good luck leaping over your frog and finding your feet!


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